Updated Monday July 3, 2017 by Pat Moore.


7/2/2017  09:03 PM

Representative for 5BC1 determined.

7/2/2017  6:26 PM

Click HERE to view the current list of participants in the CYC Playoffs.  The 5BC1 spot is TBD,  Ine reoresentatuve from 8BA2 may change.  The 7BA playoffs will have 5 teams.

Emails are being sent to the coaches of participating teams.  Please reply to Paul Scovill and Pat so the CYC knows your team is participating.

Brackets will be loaded on the CYC web site at the end of business on Monday.


7/1/2017 08:28 PM

Updated schedule information and google sheets.

I have emailed the coaches for a couple of games still missing scores.  Please respond promptly.

7/1/2017  08:23 AM

Updated schedule information and google sheets.

We still need results from some of last night's games and one game being played today to complete the dance card for post-season play.  I'll update the web site again when we have more information.

6/30/2017  05:04 AM

Updated schedule information and google sheets.

Thanks to those who have worked so hard to track down scores over the past few days.  I have emailed folks that I believe can supply missing scores.

All remaining scores should be reported before 7:00 AM on Sat 7/1.  The web site will be updated after that.  Any problems with scores need to be emailed to Pat before 5:00 PM on Sat 7/1.

We have this tough schedule in order to turn around the playoff brackets in a short time frame.

6/29/2016  06:19 AM

Updated schedule information and google sheets.

All scores need to be reported by Sat 7:00 AM.  Then the web site will be updated.  Please contact Pat if you cannot meet the deadling for a game.

6/28/2017  06:07 AM

Updated schedule information and google sheets.

A number of scores for previous games have been added and we are expecting more today.  If you are a coach and one of your games is not scored, please indicate it on the google sheet or email the score to Pat.  I know we can start determining the post-season participants in some of the leagues so thanks for yesterday's good work.

6/27/2017  06:25 AM

Updated schedule information and google sheets.

6/26/2017  05:04 AM

Updated schedule information and google sheets.

PLEASE get your scores updated.  We have a number of games played early in the season with no scores.

In the google folder used for reporting scores, we are collecting information on this Summer's Cross District Play.  Please take the time to add a comment to one or more of the documents.  If I had a good email address for a head coach, you should have received an email over the weekend.  If you did not receive an email, reach out to your parish coordinator if you want to make comments.

6/25/2017 06:22 AM

Following is the current list of teams not participating in Cross District Post-Season play.

5BB3  WC/St Richard/Clayton

6GA   CN/St Joan of Arc/Fronick

6GA   WC/St Richard/Barron

6GC   CN/Tower Grove/Smith

7BB1  WC/St Richard/Davidson 

8BA2  CN/St Gerard Majella/Rockafellow


6/25/2017  05:46 AM

Updated schedule information and google sheets.

PLEASE get your scores updated.  We have a number of games played early in the season with no scores.

6/24/2017  1:07 PM

Updated schedule information and google sheets.  Scores keyed into google sheets will appear in the next update.  

An email was sent to coaches and field managers to solicit information to evaluate cross district play.  Click HERE to see that write-up.  To get the web address for the google folder, contact your parish coordinator.  It is the same folder used for reporting game results.

Please get scores keyed so participants in the post-season playoffs can be determined.

6/23/2017 05:03 AM

Updated schedule information and google sheets.

St Joan of Arc will not be participating in the 6GA playoffs due to the dates of the event.

Please get scores to me so we can get the results to a current state.

6/22/2017  05:54 AM

Updated schedule information and google sheets.  I processed >100 emails yesterday about re-schedules.  Please make sure everything is posted correctly.  Please get scores reported promptly so CYC Playoff brackets can be populated promptly after 6/30.

6/21/2017  05:48 AM

Updated schedule information and google sheets.  If you have a game to be re-scheduled, dates that work for both teams, but no field please email me and we'll try to find a field for the game.

6/20/2017  06:05 AM

Updated schedule information and google sheets.  I owe a few folks return emails.  A number of games have been re-scheduled and the scores are current I believe.  I'll get to more of them tonight.

6/19/2017  06:06 AM

Updated schedule information and google sheets.

If you have not received a request to provide open dates for your team after a rainout, please work with the opposing coach to let me know about available dates and I can help find a field.  If you can work out a re-schedule with a field maanger that is great.


6/18/2017  08:25 AM

Updated schedule information and google sheets.

If you do not see progress on a game needing to be re-scheduled, please email Pat.  We won't want to miss a game.

6/16/2017  06:02 AM

Updated schedlue information and google sheets.

More information has been added to Summer 2017 Post Season Information.  It includes due dates for tasks for the playoffs. Click HERE to dowload a copy of this document.  


6/15/2017  08:17 AM and 11:27 AM

To determine the status of a field on the South County Web Site, you need to do the following.  The fields try to have the field status updated by 4:30 PM on game day.

Click HERE for a direct link to the page

OR Do the following from the main page of the CYC South Central Web Site:

   Select Field Status on the left

   Hover on FIeld Conditions and then select Field Availability.


   Use the lookup list for Choose Sport to select Baseball or Softball.

   You will see a list of fields and conditions.


6/15/2017  05:30 AM

Updated web site and google sheets.  Please email any rainouts from last night.  I have one for 8Girls already.

6/14/2017  05:44 AM

Updated web site and google sheets.  Note that if results have been posted to the web site, they appear at the bottom of the scoring sheets in google.  A score does not need to be keyed in that section unless it needs to be corrected.

6/13/2017  05:45 AM

Updated web site and google sheets.  Scores for 7Boys keyed last night will be posted in next web update.

6/12/2017  05:18 AM

Updated web site.  The next update will include more scores.

6/11/2017  7:50 PM

Added new option containing results.  The number of games scored so far is minimal.

6/11/2017  08:44 AM

Web site updated with latest information.  I am still processing requests for game changes but many were processed yesterday.

The format of the google sheet used to report scores has been changed.  Games with posted scores, meaning they appear on the web site, sort towards the bottom of the list.  The columns have been changed also.

6/10/2017  06:26 AM

Summer 2017 Post Season Information was added to the menu for Cross District Play. 

6/92017  06:05 AM

Web site updated with latest schedule information.  Some re-schedule requests still need to be processed.

Please get scores posted in google doc.  I'll be added those to this web site over the weekend.

6/8/2017  08:20 PM

The reports have been updated and columns for scores are included.  I've added a new report which lists all field slots used and unused.

6/8/2017  06:07 AM

Schedules have been updated.

Check the re-schedule document for games on the re-schedule list and their status.  I believe at least one contact has been made for eery re-schedule request through 8:00 PM yesterday.  

If you are a home team for a completed game, please get your score posted.  Some districts (e.g., South County and St Charles) are posting scores for games.

6/6/2017  5:34 AM

Varied files for scheduling have been updated.  The Re-Schedule list has been updated with more information on progress.  Some games have been listed only.  If the coaches can determine a common list of available dates, that would be helpful.  We have many games to be re-scheduled.

6/4/2017  05:21 PM

Added contact for Tiger Field.

6/4/2017  05:18 AM

Contact for SMMA field changed.

6/4/2017 04:30 AM

Addresses added for varied fields.

6/3/2017  08:58AM

Games at St Joe Imperial aer being played at this address.

St Joe Fields

1621 Marriott Ln
Barnhart, Missouri
United States 63012

6/3/2017  07:58 AM

The team in 5BC1 titled CN/Our Lady of Prov/Williams should be CN/Pillar/Johnson.  You will see this change when schedules on the web are updated again.

A new contact list for coaches will be emailed over the weekend.  We have some incorrect email addresses to be updated first.

6/2/2017  12:21 PM

I am sure that anyone who has had a game at the KC fields in Cottleville (Kights of Columbus) has noticed that they are working on the road (Hwy N) there. From June 1st thought July 31st, the only way to get to the KC fields on Hwy N is to access them from the Weiss Road side, NOT the Hwy K side. So, to get to the KC fields on Hwy N, you can use Knaust Road to Weiss Road, Cottleville Parkway to Weiss Road or Hwy N from Motherhead Road.

6/2/2017  09:44 AM

Don't forget to bring CYC ID cards and rosters to all cross-district games.  Varied fields will be checking them.


If you had games scheduled on Koch 3 in the evening, you should have received an email re-scheduling the game.  Night time games cannot be played at Koch 3 currently.

If you are emailing Pat, please include your league code.

You should be receiving an email from your district giving access to a google drive which has a google spread sheet for each grade/gender.  It is used to score games or to capture any other result information about games.  Anyone can key the results since districts handle it differently.  We are assuming the coach of the home team will get the score keyed.  There is a spread sheet to vote on offerings for re-schedules which is empty currently.

I believe all emals for week 1 have been processed.  I'll start processing others now.

Let's hope for some great weather.  Thanks for everyone's hard week preparing for this adventure.


Rainouts and Results and Re-Schedules
The email for the scheduler is  The subject line for any emails should be Cross District Week N where N is from 1-5.  Week 1 begins on Friday 6/2.
The information for this effort is on the CYC web site at this location.  The choices are on the lower left.
Schedules and results will be on this web site.
Rain out information is determined from the district web site for the location of the field.  North County fields are noted on the St Charles web site.
The scheduler will score rain outs by monitoring these web sites.  Coaches/Field Managers can mark games also.
The web address to a google folder should have been emailed from your parish rep.  There is a google sheet for each grade/gender to key results.  The home team is responsible for keying results although anyone is welcome to help us get this updated.  Results will appear on the web site within 48 hours.
The game must appear on the re-schedule list on the CYC web site to be re-scheduled.  A game appears on the re-schedule if an email was sent to Pat Moore and the game was canceled.  If the two coaches work out a re-schedule with a field manager, then email the schedule information including the two coaches and field manager.  Be sure to include a league and sufficient information identifying the game.  The google folder contains a Re-Schedule spread sheet.  There are three choices.  Coaches must vote within 48 hours and the game is scheduled based on those votes.
As fields are scheduled for district games, please email the scheduler so their availability can be dropped.  This list will be updated daily.